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Nothing is better than Family on the water!

Updated: Apr 15, 2019

I really can't fully say how amazing having a boat as part of the family really is. I mean that, it becomes part of the family, it gets a name and the kids get more attached to it than they do to us parents!

It is a vehicle of memories and adventures. There is no wifi out there and there is only time to explore.

We have a G3 Bay 20 DLX, and for us it has become the delta explorer. We have used it to pull inner tubes, fish and to just explore. My oldest son now wants to be a marine biologist and my youngest son has to do a visual inspection of "his" boat everyday. And both of my daughters live as tiny sun goddesses on that boat, and my oldest daughter usually out fishes my sons!

My wife and I can't imagine not enjoying it every off day and she is now just as comfortable operating the boat as I am. It has now become "her" boat too. We might not keep this boat forever but we will keep the memories forever.

So yes, buy the boat because what you are buying really isn't a hull, motor and trailer, but time and memories.

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